About Beaverton Special Events

Beaverton Special Events is a charitable community organization whose purpose is to:

  • Provide public amenities including various anniversary events in the celebration of the creation of our community in Beaverton, the beautification of the main street and others, a Millennium statue, and murals and benches to benefit the community of Beaverton.
  • Create and maintain various community festivals and special events.
  • Develop and support programs that assist in the maintenance of historical sites within the community of Beaverton, Ontario.
  • Provide scholarships, bursaries, and awards in recognition of the celebration of the history of Beaverton and good citizenship in our community.
  • Establish and present educational and cultural programs and initiate the attainment of facilities and equipment for Beaverton.

Our Mandate

To celebrate our past, our heritage and our community by promoting, organizing and participating in a variety of activities in cooperation with community volunteer groups, businesses, local government and Beavertonians of all ages, cultures and abilities.

Our Mission

P-romote I-nspire E-nable

To promote the Town of Beaverton through local community events, to inspire  people to become involved and engaged in the community, to enable them to become active members of the community through our organization.