Beaverton Directors

  • Terry Hall – President
  • TBA – Vice President
  • Paula Warder – Secretary
  • Jim Lye – Treasurer
  • Mark Bird
  • John Ducker
  • Christine Dukelow – Social Media
  • Dave Forbes
  • Caroline Liddle
Christine Dukelow
Christine DukelowDirector & Website Development
Christine originally joined the Beaverton Special Events Board in 2013 serving a two-year term. She rejoined the Board in 2020.
Nite Bites was her favourite event, especially when the cooking demonstration and the tasting gallery were added.
She, like her fellow directors, is proud when the planning is complete, and the committee volunteers host a successful event that brings smiles to the community like the Film Festival or Garden Party.
Kathryn Dukelow
Kathryn Dukelow Director & Social Media Development
Katie joined the board of Beaverton Special Events in 2017. Her computer and social media talents quickly became an asset to the board. Katie ensures that our events and news are posted and promoted on Facebook and the website.
Like many of the Board, Katie considers Brock’s Big Bite her favourite event. She and her colleagues volunteered to assist with the bouncy castle even during a torrential downpour.
In support of our ‘green’ approaches she also took a turn pedalling the bike to produce the power for the musicians.
Her proudest community moment was joining the Brock Township Fire Department in 2016 as one of the first female firefighters.
Dave Forbes
Dave ForbesDirector
Dave has been a member of the Board for two years. His favourite community activity is Brock’s Big Bite. He is also an enthusiastic promoter of SKYWoman and other events like the rain barrel fundraising promotion.
When not volunteering for Beaverton Special Events, Dave manages a successful real estate company.
He is also partner and chief chef at Moorlands Camp Bed & Breakfast located on Lake Simcoe.
Terry Hall
Terry HallDirector & President
Terry Hall has been a member of Beaverton Special Events five years serving on event committees and now as President.
An enthusiastic volunteer, Terry is ready to help at all the events, especially with setup and take down!
Terry’s talents in wood working come in handy when we need special items crafted or a birdhouse for the auction. Thank you, Hall WoodWorx and Cabinetry
Caroline Liddle
Caroline LiddleDirector
Caroline joined Beaverton Special Events in 2018. A dedicated volunteer, she assists with the promotion of SKYWoman and fundraising projects.
Her favourite event was the Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar Blues concert. Great music!
Landscape and abstract painting in oils is a favourite pastime for Caroline, who also shares her volunteer time with the Salvation Army Kettle Drive.
 Paula Warder
Paula WarderDirector & Secretary
Paula has been on Beaverton Special Events since its inception as a community organization. She has held the positions of President, Past President, and Secretary.
Paula counts Nite Bites and Brocks Big Bite as her favourite events. Serious fundraising led to the installation of the first publicly accessible kayak launch dock on Lake Simcoe – a proud moment for her.
A former elementary teacher, Paula shares her research interests and skills with the Beaverton Thorah Eldon Historical Society. Her enthusiasm for softball has inspired her to research and write a history of Women’s Softball.

Jim Lye
Jim LyeDirector & Treasurer
Jim is our newest Board Director, but he has been supporting Beaverton Special Events for several years by reviewing our financial records.
We are delighted to add his financial expertise and talents to the Board.
After retiring from long careers with RBC and Tidy’s Flowers, Jim and his wife retired to Beaverton. Here he pursues his interests in golf, boating, curling, and cross-country skiing. He also enjoys family times with his two daughters and granddaughter.