Beaverton Harbour Sculpture Project

Ron Baird

In 2017, in honour of Canada’s Sesquicentennial, Beaverton Special Events, in partnership with the community, launched an ambitious public art project.  Entitled ‘Sky Woman’, the unique sculpture was designed to become an iconic Beaverton harbour landmark.  Local, and internationally acclaimed artist, Ron Baird, generously offered his talents to create and produce this unique kinetic sculpture for the community.

Unfortunately, additional consultations coupled with current events prompted the committee to reconsider both the design and the location for the sculpture.   Subsequently, the artist graciously and generously offered to create a new sculpture to replace the original design.  In June 2021, Council approved and adopted the BHAC’s recommendation to accept the public art donation by Ron Baird and the Beaverton Special Events for the Beaverton Harbour.

We are excited to announce the new and iconic, state of the art kinetic sculpture that will take its place at the Beaverton Harbour.

‘The Wishing Tower’ by Ron Baird

“My desire is to situate the sculpture at the entrance to the harbour as an iconic welcome to the magic that people of all ages experience when they enter that space. My proposed design amplifies the elements of this space, the water, shoreline, trees, and the sunsets. The whimsical elements of the sculpture and the movement mimic the water motion of waves and bubbles. The large boulders creating the base for the sculpture remind us of the history of this meeting place.

I see the sculpture as a linking element, enticing people to continue their explorations from the Lions Walking Trail and the beauty of the natural habitat of the berm to the path that descends to the harbour shoreline.”

Beaverton Special Events has pledged to meet the community commitment of $100,000 by fall 2022. The organization is reconfirming the support of contributors who have previously donated towards the $35,000 raised and a new funding campaign is underway.

Please check our pages for information on becoming involved as a committee member, sculpture sponsor or corporate donor.


Terry Hall, President

Beaverton Harbour Sculpture