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Beaverton Special Events Membership

This membership allows you all the privileges of any member in good standing (as stated in the By-Laws of Beaverton Special Events).
As a member, you are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting and Member Meetings until such time that you resign your membership or it is terminated by the Board of Directors.
The objects of Beaverton Special Events:
  • The provision of public amenities including various Anniversary Events in celebration of the creation of Beaverton, Ontario, the Beautification of the main street and others, and a Millennium statue, in order to benefit the community of Beaverton, Ontario.
  • The creation of and maintenance of various community festivals and special events within the community of Beaverton, Ontario.
  • The development and support of programs that assist in the maintenance of historical sites within the community of Beaverton, Ontario
  • The provision of scholarships, bursaries and awards in recognition of the celebration of the history of, and good citizenship within, the community of Beaverton, Ontario
  • The establishment and presentation of educational and cultural programs and the initiation of the attainment of facilitates and equipment for the benefit of the community of Beaverton, Ontario.
By applying for membership, you agree to support the objects of Beaverton Special Events and adhere to the By-Laws, and the policies and procedures of the Board.
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